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  • 03/25 - Test n' Tune - GMP
  • 04/15 - Event #1 - FA
  • 05/20 - Event #2 - GMP
  • 06/10 - Event #3 - FA
  • 06/17 - Novice School - GMP
  • 07/01 - Event #4 - FA
  • 07/29 - Event #5 - GMP
  • 08/12 - Event #6 - GMP
  • 08/19 - Event #7 - GMP
  • 08/19 - Event #8 - GMP
  • 10/14 - Event #9 - GMP
  • 10/28 - Event #10 - FA

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Our 2018 Solo Sponsors

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Sponsor for the 2018 season.


What is the SAC?

The Solo Advisory Committee (SAC) is tasked with running a series of Solo events for the enjoyment of members of the St. Louis Region, SCCA and any other automotive enthusiasts. 

The committee has outlined its procedure for joining.  Generally, all who have interest in helping run the program are welcome.  If you are interested, read the details below under "How Can I Join?".

The SAC holds a monthly meeting.  Anyone is welcome to attend these business meetings if they have some business before the committee.  We ask that you contact the chairman before you attend, so we know how many people will be there for space and info for agenda. Contact the SAC Chair for details on the current meeting location, date and time.

If you have any questions, please contact the the Solo Committee at

How Can I Join?

You can request to become a member by contacting the SAC Chairman. You will be asked to attend three consecutive meetings as a probationary (non-voting) member. At the third meeting the SAC will vote on your membership.

Qualifications: We don't require much except a desire to want to help lead the St. Louis Region Solo Program.  We do want you to be  a SCCA member in good standing as well as a St. Louis Region member. You must be willing to attend the meetings and work within a team to make the program a success.

Makeup of the SAC: The SAC shall be made up of up a chairman, four appointed officers, and several members at large. There are five named positions with specific duties:
Chairman – Leads the meetings, has the tie breaking vote in any point being voted upon and reports to the Regional Executive and the Board of Directors on the status of the program, the budget, and any other items requiring BOD approval.
Vice Chairman – Stays up to speed on all happenings in the solo program. Acts as Chairman in that person's absence.
Treasurer – Handles the Solo Program accounting records and bank accounts. Makes payments for our site usage, our sanction fees and our allotment to the region as well as all other validated expenditures. Receives all entry fees for all events, regular and special. Helps with any finanical dealing for the program. Prepares budget each year for SAC to review. Helps and assists in any money spent fro the program whenever possible. 
Secretary – Takes meeting minutes and posts to the SAC group for approval by the members of the SAC. Asists with paperwork as needed for the program whenever possible.
Event Operations – Responsible for ensuring the events are meeting the needs of membership and the region. This position coordinates with any outside contractors and rental equipment needed to make events operate well.
Member At Large - All other positions.

If you are interested contact the SAC at   For current members and Chiefs, please see the Contacts page.

St. Louis Region SCCA reserves the right to refuse service to any party.

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