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Our 2018 Solo Sponsors

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Sponsor for the 2018 season.


Membership & Runs

Membership Requirement

All participants MUST be an SCCA member per the National SCCA Offices. Weekend membership are available for a cost of $10. If the participant wishes to become a regular member they can use up to two weekend membership receipts for a discount (of $10 per receipt, to a total of $20) towards full membership.


  • There will be three heats.
  • When you register, you will be given your run group.
  • Run/Work order will be set in advance. See the Run Work Schedule for exact information
  • Normally two driver cars will alternate drivers the same way that is done at Nationals and Divisionals. In other words, they will change after each run. Drivers may choose to not alternate (driver 1 runs all runs, driver 2 runs all runs) within the same heat.

Supplemental Rules

The supplemental rules are subject to change so please review the official Supps on the Rules & Docs page.

St. Louis Region SCCA reserves the right to refuse service to any party.

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