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  • 03/25 - Test n' Tune - GMP
  • 04/15 - Event #1 - FA
  • 05/20 - Event #2 - GMP
  • 06/10 - Event #3 - FA
  • 06/17 - Novice School - GMP
  • 07/01 - Event #4 - FA
  • 07/29 - Event #5 - GMP
  • 08/12 - Event #6 - GMP
  • 08/19 - Event #7 - GMP
  • 08/19 - Event #8 - GMP
  • 10/14 - Event #9 - GMP
  • 10/28 - Event #10 - FA

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Duties of an Event Chairman

The St. Louis Region SCCA Solo Program is always looking for willing volunteers to help with chairing events and working as specialty chiefs.  If you have any interest in helping your club continue to put on quality events, e-mail any of the chiefs on the Contacts page for details on that particular specialty.

St. Louis Region SCCA Solo Program Event Chair Checklist

Thanks for considering to be an event chair for one of our Solo events. This is a great way to get more involved with the club and get a feel for what goes on behind the scenes. Below is a checklist of items that need to be addressed before each event.
Your mentor for this job is the Chief Steward for the Event. That person will help you in any way to make your job as event chairman be successful.  Contact them early and work with them to get any help you need in performing your duties.

The position of event chair is a SUPERVISOR position. You should not/can not do everything yourself. All of our specialty chiefs are qualified to do their jobs. Your job is to ensure all the chiefs will be there and have what they need to do their jobs. Communication is essential with all these people in the week before the event. Remember that this is a volunteer organization, and people's plans change.

The biggest key to having a good event is to ensure that you and everyone else have fun! If you ensure that all the chiefs are present and doing their jobs and design a good fun course (or have it done for you) you will be GUARANTEED a fun event!
At least a Month Before Event
1) Give Your Name and Member Number to the Chief of Safety for inclusion on sanction application.
2) Verify the Solo Safety Steward for your event, assure they also give their Name and Member Number to the Chief of Safety for inclusion on sanction application.
3) If applicable, arrange for moving the truck and trailer from the storage area to the correct place on the lot. Coordinate this with the Chief of Course and all the other appropriate chiefs.
4) Attend Solo Advisory Committee Meeting previous to your event. SAC meetings are usually held the first Tuesday of each month. At this meeting, you need to confirm the following:
   a. Time Limits/Site Restrictions
   b. Attendance of key people
   c. Special Issues - make a copy of the Supplemental Regulations and have them and a rule book available to you during the event.
   d. Assure that the Insurance Certificate is ordered by Chief of Safety.
5) Course Design - contact the Course Chief
A Week or Two Before Event
1) Communicate with the following people to verify attendance and check on any pending issues:
   a. Solo Safety Steward for Event - there is an email list that can be used to make this easier, contact the chairman of the SAC to help.
   b. Chief of Registration
   c. Chief of Tech
   d. Chief of T&S
   e. Chief of Course
   f. Truck and Trailer placement
   g. Chief of Waivers
   h. Rookie Chief
NOTE: Normally, any chiefs who are not planning to attend will have already alerted the board and made alternate arrangements.

1) Plan on arriving EARLY. Generally, between 6:45 and 7:00 AM and get truck and trailer moved to final position. Also get a group of people to start unloading the trailer. This has to be done first.
2) Find the registration chief and get yourself checked in. Also, plan out a time later in the morning to get yourself ready for the event.
3) Ensure that the course setup is progressing.
4) About 1 hour before the start of the event, you will have to coordinate with the Safety Steward and Course Designer on worker station placement, and the place on course to start the second car.
5) Keep the event on schedule!
6) Make sure the Novice Chief announces the Rookie Walk Through.  They will also go over the safety of working and the down & out pylon rule.
7) Ensure the Safety Steward has approved the course.
8) Get a group of people together to mark course.
9) Call for help on this via the PA - Announce the FM communiation system and the station it will be on.
10) Help with Trophy presentation at the end of the event
11) Ensure that truck and trailer is returned to storage and locked up.
Remember, this is a SUPERVISORY position. DELEGATE AND PLAN AHEAD. If you try to do everything yourself, you'll just drive yourself crazy! Spend your time making sure the chiefs/key people are present and don't have any problems. Planning ahead and having all of your key people in place will make your event very easy to run.
NOTE: You can download a printable copy of this on our Rules & Documents page.

St. Louis Region SCCA reserves the right to refuse service to any party.

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