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  • 03/25 - Test n' Tune - GMP
  • 04/15 - Event #1 - FA
  • 05/20 - Event #2 - GMP
  • 06/10 - Event #3 - FA
  • 06/17 - Novice School - GMP
  • 07/01 - Event #4 - FA
  • 07/29 - Event #5 - GMP
  • 08/12 - Event #6 - GMP
  • 08/19 - Event #7 - GMP
  • 08/19 - Event #8 - GMP
  • 10/14 - Event #9 - GMP
  • 10/28 - Event #10 - FA

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Drivers Meeting

The StL Solo Drivers Meeting Information

St. Louis Region SCCA Solo Series

In order to maximize run time it was decided by the Solo Advisory Committee to hold a SHORT formal drivers meeting. This info is still imporant though, so please read. It is our intention to be FAIR to all competitors and to Make it Easy, Make it Fun for all.

Welcome everyone!

If you have a problem or question during the day, please find the Event Chairman to help you.

See the daily race schedule here.

It is expected that 1st Heat competitors will grid their cars before 8:45am

NOTE You must run the heat as posted with your class.

Your Current Chiefs are listed on the Contacts page.

Have you signed the waiver? Everyone must have a wristband (or a valid unexpired SCCA annual waiver hard card), which must be visible from the front, and may be checked by SSS at anytime or by grid while the driver is in the car. The best place for this wrist band is the left wrist, but as long as it is visible to the safety steward and grid, it is acceptable per the rules. If you havn’t signed the waiver, go to the gate and get it signed ASAP. If you are a driver or a passenger you must have wristband or have a valid unexpired SCCA annual waiver hard card to be in a car on course. Driver’s wristbands are available at Registration and Passengers are available at the welcome tent. These are in addition to the gate insurance waiver. Don’t you just love insurance regulations?

Does everyone have a work assignment? If not, you need to see the Worker Chief.

Want to maximize run time? Please be prompt to your work assignment. If possible, go early. If you go to a corner on course while cars are running, be very careful. If you’re working the Gate, you need to relieve the previous person as soon as you can. You need to check in with the Worker Chief before you report to you assignment. When working the course, please spread-out. A person should be holding the red flag, ready for use, but it should be furled until needed - not wrapped around the stick. No cell phones or cameras while doing your work assignment. If you do not understand the “Down and/or out Rule”, take the mandatory Novice Course Walk in the morning, and it will be explained to you.

Be safe! If during your run you should begin to lose control, safely slow down or stop and do not to try to “save it”. Your time is already ruined. When not on course, folks need to move their cars around slowly. Take it easy going to and from grid. Remember that there are others walking around that need to be looked out for.

Run order is posted. You MUST run the assigned heat with your class. There are no assigned grid positions except that two driver cars will park are at the front.

Smoking and kids or pets under 12 are not allowed in grid. Both grids are considered active (hot) at all times. Smoking is only allowed next to the fence between the two grids, not the spectator fence.

We run under the SCCA Solo Rules and the St. Louis Region Solo Series Supplemental Regulations. You are responsible for following the rules in both.

Car numbers and class letters must be correct and legible on the side of the car. They must be of a contrasting color. Stand back 30 feet and make sure they can easily be read. You will receive a DNF for illegible numbers or class letters. Reminder to two driver car drivers: change your car numbers when you change drivers! In order to get the maximum amount of runs, T&S and course workers must be able to identify cars easily and quickly.

Do not approach the Timing Trailer. Take all problems to the Event Chairman please.

Remember that you can pre-register online at

The St. Louis Region Solo program is looking for a new Sponsor for the 2018 St. Louis Region Index Championship. Scoring for the Index Championship will be based on overall performances at each event, graded on an index system designed to equalize the performance potential for each class. This index is established before the first season event and will be constant throughout the season. The top three entrants in the season end standings will be awarded a trophy, as long as they meet 10.1 in the supplemental rules. For this championship the SLRSS will utilize the most current PAX/RTP Index.

Be sure to check the forums for all the latest solo chatter.

NOTE: Everyone must be off the premises by 4:00pm (firm!).

St. Louis Region SCCA reserves the right to refuse service to any party.

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