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2010 Results

Year-End Challenge Team Results

Year-End Challenge Awards List

Year-End Challenge PAX Results (warning, car hopping was not tracked!)

Year-End Challenge Class Results (warning, car hopping was not tracked!)

Takata Index Championship as of 8/15/2010

Novice Championship as of 8/15/2010

Class Championship as of 8/15/2010

Ladies Championship as of 8/15/2010 

Event 10 Novice Results

Event 10 Ladies Results

Event 10 Class Results

Event 10 Index Results

Takata Index Championship as of 8/1/2010

Novice Championship as of 8/1/2010

Class Championship as of 8/1/2010

Ladies Championship as of 8/1/2010 

Event 9 Novice Results

Event 9 Ladies Results

Event 9 Class Results

Event 9 Index Results

Takata Index Championship as of 7/11/2010

Novice Championship as of 7/11/2010

Class Championship as of 7/11/2010

Ladies Championship as of 7/11/2010

Event 8 Novice Results

Event 8 Ladies Results

Event 8 Class Results

Event 8 Index Results

Takata Index Championship as of 6/27/2010

Novice Championship as of 6/27/2010

Class Championship as of 6/27/2010

Ladies Championship as of 6/27/2010

Event 7 Novice Results

Event 7 Ladies Results

Event 7 Class Results

Event 7 Index Results

Takata Index Championship as of 6/13/2010

Novice Championship as of 6/13/2010

Class Championship as of 6/13/2010

Ladies Championship as of 6/13/2010

Event 6 Novice Results

Event 6 Ladies Results

Event 6 Class Results

Event 6 Index Results

Takata Index Championship as of 5/23/2010

Novice Championship as of 5/23/2010

Class Points as of 5/23/2010

Ladies Championship as of 5/23/2010

Event 5 Novice Results

Event 5 Ladies Results

Event 5 Class Results

Event 5 Index Results

Takata Index Championship as of 5/9/2010

Novice Championship as of 5/9/2010

Class Points as of 5/9/2010

Ladies Championship as of 5/9/2010

Event 4 Novice Results

Event 4 Ladies Results

Event 4 Class Results

Event 4 Index Results

Event 3 Ladies Results

Event 3 Class Results

Event 3 Index Results

Event 2 Novice Results

Event 2 Ladies Results

Event 2 Class Results (PDF or HTM)

Event 2 Index Results (PDF or HTM)

Event 1 Class Results (PDF or HTM)

Event 1 Index Results (PDF or HTM)

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